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Your pet is about to experience a whole new innovation that is sweeping the country. We are proud to bring this new technology to Perry, Ia.

Self-Serve pet washing provides you with money savings opportunities and also allows the whole family to participate in a new fun activity!

bandit ware

Clean Paws Details

  • Our wash excepts all Credit Cards, Cash, Coin and VIP Wash Cards
  • Waist High stainless steel tub with non slip mating on ramp and in the tub
  • Choice of Shampoos, Conditioners, Flea/Tick, Deodorizer, Rinse, Blow dry & Vacuum
  • Water is temperature controlled for complete comfort
  • Blow dryer is heated for a pleasant dry
  • Collar tie down is provided while in tub. (Please bring pets with collar on)
  • Aprons are provided for your use while in our facility.
  • Heated and Cooled room that is disinfected daily for your safety

Come check this new technology, you won't believe the results.

No Appointment Necessary!